Iditarod Resources

The Junior Iditarod Here you will find information about the Junior Iditarod, which is designed for young racers, not old enough for the actual Iditarod. But these young mushers are still strong, determined, and full of the same spirit as those who race in the Iditarod. Often times, you will see the children of Iditarod mushers racing in the Junior Iditarod. When they are older, some of these junior mushers join their parent to race the Iditarod. Children like to see what other children do, so they enjoy learning about the Junior Iditarod.

Bering Strait School District This is a wiki site with an Iditarod theme. There are lots of great resources here. This is also where you go to sign up for their free videoconference events.

The Iditarod Insider You do have to pay for a yearly subscription ($19.99-individual, $39.99-teacher and one class, $99.99-all classes in a single school). You receive access to some amazing videos, during the race and throughout the year, as well as other information and educational materials. As with any resources, you need to view videos prior to sharing with students to be sure they are suitable for your students. So far, I have not come across any videos not suitable for my second graders (in terms of language, adult situations, etc., but the warning still is out there. I do not believe the videos are edited, and sometimes you can view live events, which of course, means anything can happen!)

Monica Cornett's Wikispace- Monica is a PA resident, but she is also a certified Iditarod dog handler. She shares her experiences on her wikispace and has passed on her resources to me. So, I am passing them on to you! There is a lot you can learn by reading her journal, and she will be returning to the Iditarod this year. Link to her site now and be prepared to follow the Iditarod from the perspective of a dog handler! It is very interesting, and I am sure it will capture the interest of a number of students. (A great way to connect to young writers as well.)

Discovery's Iditarod- As a STAR Discovery Educator, I find there's always a way to mention something "Discovery," and that is true here. In 2008 The Discovery Channel presented a program about the Iditarod. Check out their Web site. (Don't forget to preview the videos before showing to students!) - Want to videoconference with a real Iditarod musher and take your students on a dogsled ride? This is an unforgettable experience that can incorporate specific standards if you want to focus on certain ones. This will be my 3rd year videoconferencing with KEA (Kigluait Educational Adventures), and my former students still ask me about it. There are many different resources available for teachers on this site. I highly recommend the Mushing Alaska videoconference for K-1-2 as a culminating activity. Your students will direct dogs through the woods in Alaska using the words "gee" and "haw!" (submitted by BrookeR) - Here's a game to test your endurance and build your knowledge of the history of the Iditarod.

Delicious- On my Delicious social bookmarking site I've saved links to several Iditarod Web sites. Hey, no sense starting all over again here, right! Just click the link to find them...