Prepare for Next Year

Depending on what your plans are for your Classroom Iditarod, you will need to begin thinking about next year's Iditarod as you clean up from this year's Iditarod. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure you write down how each student finished in the race (first, second, third, participants and non-participants).
  • If you gave out special awards, such as the Red Lantern Award and the Quality Award, be sure to keep a record of that as well.
  • Save some samples of student work.
  • Save your speeches.
  • Keep a record of costs (food, awards) if this applies to you. Begin to think of ways to get donations for next year.
  • Update your projects and take notes about which projects worked and which ones didn't. It helps to do this while it is fresh in your head.
  • Keep checking the official Iditarod Web site throughout the year because there are updates and events all year long. There is so much learn, even after years of participating. Learn more about the mushers because it makes for good storytelling when you are working with the students. It builds enthusiasm.
  • Try to make connections to other teachers who share your enthusiasm for this project and set up projects with them for next year!
  • Plan early if you want to participate in videoconference opportunities. Sometimes they fill up fast, and you will probably need to ask for help from your IT department.
  • Join this Wikispace and collaborate!